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Top 4 - (Premium-Large) Foam Flower - Princess Rosey Rabbit

Top 4 - (Premium-Large) Foam Flower - Princess Rosey Rabbit

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Choice of 1 The Rosey Rabbit
  1. Choice of 1 The Rosey Rabbit (Large)

Whether it's Roses of Rabbit or Rabbit with Roses, it's definitely assembled individually piece-by-piece by hand with foam roses all over.  We all know that every Queen / Princess needs her crown, The Rosey Rabbit (Large) comes with a detachable mini bejewelled crystal crown that can be worn by you. 

Main Blooms (foam flowers): Roses

Approximate measurements: 

  • Mini crown size: 4cm x 3.5cm
  • Rabbit size: 28cm x 40cm
  • Box size: 32cm x 32cm x 47cm

Your purchase also includes: 

  • 20-bulbs fairy lights
  • Gift box

Care Instructions: Avoid prolonged direct sunlight and moisture.

Each piece is hand-crafted individually by hand. Each piece is unique, and none alike. Every batch may differ slightly in size, shape, and colour.


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