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Senses Bundle - Tyra Tulips: Mini Faux Flowers Bouquet + Beryl's Chocolate (Halal) + Candle

Senses Bundle - Tyra Tulips: Mini Faux Flowers Bouquet + Beryl's Chocolate (Halal) + Candle

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Choice of 1 Beryl's
Choice of 1 Tyra Tulips: Mini
Choice of 1 I Can Candle
  1. Choice of 1 Tyra Tulips: Mini
  2. Choice of 1 Beryl's, and
  3. Choice of 1 I Can Candle

Your purchase also includes:

  • Gift bag 

Tyra Tulips: Mini 

 In mini-sized. Instantly brightens up desks and nooks. Gift box minimizes dust.

Simple and understated. Bask in the gentle beauty of these everlasting decorative faux tulips bulbs.

This is crafted with decorative flowers

    Main Blooms: Tulips (Decorative Flower)

    Approximate measurements: 8cm x 22cm

    Your purchase also includes:

    • 10-Bulb Fairy Lights (switched on during delivery)
    • Gift box 

    Care Instructions: Avoid prolonged direct sunlight and moisture.

    Each piece is hand-crafted individually by hand. Each piece is unique, and none alike. Flowers may differ slightly in size, shape, and colour.


     Beryl's Chocolates (Halal)

    Your options:

    • Heart Tin Almond Coated with Gianduja Milk Chocolate (80G)
    • Elegance Milk & Dark Chocolate (160G) with Gift Wrap
    • Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate (65G) with Gift Wrap
    • Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate (65G) with Gift Wrap
    • Tiramisu Milk Chocolate (65G) with Gift Wrap


     I Can Candle

    Your options:

    • Calming Ocean
    • Sleepy Lavender
    • Sweet Rose

    Candle in a can that keeps your space smelling great with eco-friendly soybean wax, essential oils from natural plant extracts, and a lead-free wick. 

    There are no UV inhibitors or any other unnecessary chemicals. Thus, color of candle ranges from light to dark yellow. This does not affect the burn or quality of the candle.

    Estimated total burning time: 20-25 hours.

    Your purchase also includes: Gift box.



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