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Missy Teddy Bundle - Missy Teddy + Faux Bouquet - The One

Missy Teddy Bundle - Missy Teddy + Faux Bouquet - The One

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Choice of 1 Missy Teddy
Choice of 1 The One
Choice of 20-Bulb Fairy Lights
  1. Choice of Missy Teddy (22cmx30cm),
  2. Choice of 1 The One, and
  3. Choice of 1 20-bulb Fairy Lights

Your purchase also includes:

  • Gift bag 

 The One

Simple and straightforward. 1 for The One.

This bouquet is crafted with everlasting decorative faux flower

    Main Bloom: Large Rose (Faux Decorative Flower) or Sunflower (Faux Decorative Flower).

    Your options:

    • Red Rose
    • Pink Rose
    • Blue Rose
    • Sunflower

    Approximate measurements of Bloom: 10cm x 28cm


     20-Bulb Fairy Lights

    Your options:

    • Single Color (Approx. 200cm)
    • Multi-Color (Approx. 200cm)

    Battery-operated with toggle switch. Beautifies all bouquets and gifts.



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