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FU with Love

With Love Level 1 Office Survival Pack

With Love Level 1 Office Survival Pack

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Exclusive collaboration with FU with Love (For You with Love).

Booster pack for the office battlefield. Arm, guard and boost morale for the survivor of the fittest. Fighting!

Your purchase also includes:

1. Earthen-toned scarf (Approx. 196cmx68cm),

2. USB-powered humidifier (220ml, 8cmx8cmx10.3cm),

3. USB plugged-in mini LED light stick,

4. Ceramic mug (380ml, 9cmx8cm), and

5. 10-bulb Fairy Lights.

Delivered with fairy lights switched on by default.


- 10-bulb Fairy Lights.

- Gift bag.


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Delivery charges apply for each order below minimum.

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