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Blind Box: Rorojump Dessert Town (1 Set - 9 Boxes)

Blind Box: Rorojump Dessert Town (1 Set - 9 Boxes)

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Catch adorable Roro Jumps partying in yummylicious dessert-themed costumes in Dessert Ville.

9 classics to collect with 3 secret hidden editions to discover. Box is selected by random.

May luck be with you!

Estimated doll height: 6-8cm.

Material: PVC, ABS.

Bubble Casing Gift Upgrade: Upgrade your favorite collectible characters from a display piece to an accessory with the Bubble Casing Keychain. More versatile with a larger than usual clip size. Show them off on the go!

Content of casing not included. Collectible characters, available in blind boxes, sold separately. 

Estimated size of casing: Flat-measured - 14cm (height) x 8cm (width).

Bubble casing sizing note: Actual fit of casing differs with each collectible character. The different design features of each collectible character that result in more or less exterior protrusion will affect the actual fit. 

Material of casing: PVC.


    • 1 Piece Bubble Casing (Keychain), or
    • 1 Piece Bubble Casing (Keychain) + 10-Bulb Fairy Lights.



      - Gift bag.

      Approximate Measurements

      Measurements made by hand. Each measurement may differ slightly by +/- 2cm.


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